Roast Quail & Peach Salad


Hey guys, today’s recipe is a bit of a change, being a bit leafier than usual. Two quails, spatchcocked and roasted with peaches and clementine orange juice.  The fruit adds a sweet, fragrant taste to add something more to your salad! Feel free to swap out the leafy greens I used – I’m simply a fan of Swiss chard, but spinach or kale would work just as well. Quails are … Continue reading

Peachy Vanilla-Ginger Sauce


Hey guys, this recipe is a simple one to help you use up the deluge of peaches on the shelves right now. It stores well, frozen or jarred. (Pictured with dry pork riblets) A balanced, mild but sweet peach and ginger sauce, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. It goes amazingly well with pork and chicken, but also with desserts! I’ve used it as tart/pie filling too (add pectin). Makes … Continue reading

Mango, Sage, Basil & Ginger Beef Rolls


Hey guys! I love cooking seasonally, and apart from being cheaper and more budget friendly, it forces me to think of new ideas frequently. Today, I paired a sweet, herby mango filling with beef. It’s a quick lunch or dinner dish that anyone can master and customize. Serves 2 You will need: 1 large fresh mango, peeled and diced 1 T ginger powder 3-4 sage leaves 1 T dried basil … Continue reading

Post-holiday weekend: Recipes for leftovers!

poverty stew

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a nice holiday week (US/Canada). In light of the feasting that was no doubt had, I’ve compiled a list of leftover-friendly recipes. Chunky Veal Sauce Poverty Stew (slow cooker) Honeyed Salmon with Cashew-Ginger Sauce Lamb Hotpot Squash & Rosemary Fritters Coconut & Asparagus Soup with Shredded Roast Chicken Thighs

Parmesan & Rosemary Cucumber Fries


Here’s a quick summer snack, when it’s just too hot to prepare anything fancy! Crispy, cheesy and oddly refreshing cucumber fries. They’re also a great after school snack to get that salty snack craving You can make this with zucchini as well – it’s all up to your personal preference! Note: Also good with carrots, parsnips, yams and squash! You will need: 2 cucumber or zucchini, cut into fry strips … Continue reading

Squash & Rosemary Fritters

squash fritters

Hey guys. This recipe is a yummy snack. Originally, I had planned something fancier, but that failed, so I ended up doing this to save it, and it turned out wonderfully! This is what I used the duck fat from this recipe for! Serves 2. You will need: 1/2 medium spaghetti squash, de-seeded and roasted (like this) and shredded. Make sure you squeeze as much moisture out of it as you can! … Continue reading

Strawberry-Kiwi Freezer Pudding

strawberry-kiwi pudding

Hey guys! As you know, i’m doing two recipes a week now. This one is a sweet, slightly tart fruit pudding. It’s gluten and dairy free, and it’s a great summer snack you can make and refrigerate ahead of time. You will need: 2 heaped cups strawberries, diced 2 frozen, peeled kiwi fruit, diced 2T raw honey 1 small can coconut cream OR chill a can of coconut milk, skin … Continue reading

Fiddling with Fiddleheads: Round 2


Hey guys. As some of you may know, we were temporarily hacked yesterday, and the spammers seem to have eaten my fiddleheads post! All that brilliant comedic writing, gone! *cries* Anyway, seeing as I’ve stopped the attacks, here’s the recipe, version 2. This recipe can be done anywhere – it’s great when you’re out camping. It’s super easy and fun for the kids to help with as well. You don’t necessarily need … Continue reading

Paleo shopping on a budget

Palep spag bol 3

Hey guys! This week is a bit tough financially (good dentistry is worth it though), which got me thinking: Eating healthy can be hard on a budget. So I put together a few tips and recipes from my catalogue that are budget friendly! Wholesale shopping Did you know there’s a lot of places that are way cheaper than your local supermarkets? It’s true. No, I don’t mean Costco. I mean … Continue reading

SK’s Spring BBQ Recipes

chipotle honey ribs

Hey guys! I’m a bit short on interesting food this week, so I put together a collection of my most BBQ-tastic recipes. all of these can either be prepared over a fire/BBQ, or travel well, in case of pre-made food. Chipotle Honey Beef Ribs with Crimini Mushrooms Lemon Cilantro Roast Chicken Spicy Ribs + Sautéed Onions & Potato Mash Roast Acorn Squash Bowl with Pico De Gallo Mushroom Steak Burgers w/ … Continue reading