Friday Nails – Valentines Look (Konad Stamper) + Red Ombre

This weeks look is a sweet and cute Valentine’s look. I know it’s early, but it’s best to be prepared. You can change this from vampy to cute, depending on which look you like Products: Konad Nail Stamper kit (white polish) Bundlemonster stamp plate #BM 317 Essie ‘Bordeaux’ Sally Hansen ‘Red Carpet’ Music: “Watching Seabirds Soar (Harmony)” by DoKashiteru (feat. Snowflake) is licensed under a Creative Commons license: … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Trim the tree

trim the tree nails

Hey guys! This is my week 3 entry for NPC’s Holiday Nail Art competition. Seeing as everyone else is doing straight up trees and baubles, I decided to be a weirdo and go abstract   It’s kinda symbolic. The red is for Canada. The gold is for the good times with friends. The diamond/stars is for the hopes we hold for a new year. Xmas is not traditionally a happy … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Bundlemonster layering experiment

bundlemonster layered

Hey guys. This week I decided to experiment with some different polishes with the Konad Stamper and Bundlemonster plates I reviewed last week. I’m trying to find other polish colours that work with the plates/stamper. I’ve found that it has to be on the thicker side.So I tried one of my chrome polishes that had thickened up a bit. It worked pretty well, but I chose poorly for the design! … Continue reading

Friday Nails: My nail care routine

Hey Strangekittens! As you know, I do a nail tutorial every Friday, and take a break every 3-4th week. Changing your nails every week is a bit harsh on your nails, so taking care of them is important. On a normal week:  Normally I do the nail tutorial on Wednesday, to post on Thursday night. Usually I only keep the manicure on over the weekend, so I can baby and … Continue reading

Friday Nails: H.R Giger inspired

Hey Strangekittens. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a Giger fan. If I could, I’d have my entire home look like Giger’s works. Recently I saw Prometheus, and drooled the entire movie. My husband suggested this, so after a couple of tries, I had a go at it! Giger’s works are intricate and detailed, but as the fingernail is a very small canvas, I took some artistic liberty with it I went for the … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Raspberry Jam

Hey Strangekittens. Today’s tutorial is a layered effect with some matte coat and glitter! You could do this with any colour, actually. I just went for reds. You will need: – A solid base colour – A matching fine glitter coat -A chunky glitter coat -A matte coat Step one: 1-2 coats of your solid base colour. Might be streaky with only one, but we want it uneven. Step two: A coat … Continue reading

Friday Nails – Neon Nebula

Hey Strangekittens, this week’s tutorial is Neon Nebula. I’m loving this trend of starry galaxy nails, and I thought i’d try my own spin on it. You will need: A bright sky blue, I used Sally Hansen Teal Steel A clear glitter coat, I used a Wet n’ Wild one. A creamy white, any one will do. This one is by OPI. A dusky pink. Another OPI, Tickle my France-y. … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Smouldering Hot Coals Nail Tutorial

Hey Strangekittens! Here’s the Friday nail tutorial. This one I wanted the look of devilishly hot coals. As usual, make sure you dry adequately between coats. I soak my fingertips in ice water for a couple minutes to make it set quicker. You will need: – Base and top coat of your choice, I highly recommend OPI’s set – Sally Hansen Xtremewear in ‘Red Carpet’ – Wet ‘n Wild Fastdry … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Rockstar Glitter Nails

Hey Strangekittens, I know I said I was gonna do a make-up tutorial but I didn’t have enough time to do it today  But, seeing as it’s Friday, i’m gonna help you look sparkly for the weekend! This is a super sparkly rocker look. Personally I LOVE glitter, but I also love a bit of darkness too. It’s really quick too! Here’s what you’ll need. Doesn’t have to be these brands, just use what … Continue reading