Paleo shopping on a budget

Palep spag bol 3

Hey guys! This week is a bit tough financially (good dentistry is worth it though), which got me thinking: Eating healthy can be hard on a budget. So I put together a few tips and recipes from my catalogue that are budget friendly! Wholesale shopping Did you know there’s a lot of places that are way cheaper than your local supermarkets? It’s true. No, I don’t mean Costco. I mean … Continue reading

How does your body type affect where you shop?

Hey Strangekittens.  Yesterday I saw a wonderful post about how (the author’s) body type affects where she shops. Obviously to some extent this applies to everyone, but how? Let’s look at this from my personal experience. I hate shopping for clothing. I really, really do. It’s not even a size thing any more, now that I’ve gone down a few sizes. To start off with, i’m dramatically taller than average, which I’ve mentioned before. 5’11 to be exact, and … Continue reading

I love thrift stores! Tips for shopping on a budget

Hey Strangekittens! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was pretty nice. Saturday was my birthday, so was was a little bit spoiled. My husband took me to one of my favourite places: Value Village. Yes, really. (He took me other places too. Don’t worry, he’s not cheap lol) I found an awesome leather jacket there, check it out! I love second-hand stores. You can find some of the most awesome stuff … Continue reading