Friday Nails: Easy DIY Metallic Foiled Look


Quick and easy foiled effect – all you need is polish and cling wrap! And maybe some polish remover, because it’s a little messy Products: Essie ‘Lapis of Luxury’ Essie ‘No Place Like Chrome’ Cling wrap. You can also use a plastic bag, although it won’t work as well. Subscribe to Youtube Follow us on Facebook Follow me on Twitter Music: “Like Music” by Admiral Bob (feat. snowflake) is … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Quick Diamond Gem Accent Nail tutorial


Products: Essie ‘Aruba Blue’ Swarovski crystals from Nails Inc ‘Bling it on Rebel’ kit Glitter clear coat from Sephora. Music: “We Are Free” by Zep Hurme (feat. Snowflake) is licensed under a Creative Commons license: Subscribe to our YouTube: Follow us on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter:

Friday Nails: Winter Love + DIY dotting tool

Hey guys! This look is a combination of Valentines and winter colours. I’ll show you how to easily make cute little hearts with your own DIY dotting tool. The nice thing about this is that it’s so subtle, you can wear it after Valentines and not look strange. Products: Essie ‘No Place Like chrome’ Essence ’19’ (Grey with pink shimmer) Sephora by OPI matte clear coat Pencil with eraser + flat … Continue reading

Friday Nails – Winter Sparkle

From now one, i’ll be doing the nail tutorials as videos! Please  like and subscribe, and comment if you have ideas you’d like me to try! Easy nail tutorial on glitter gradient in grey, white and multicoloured sparkle. It’s a great winter look, or for prom/weddings. Products: Sephora by OPI ‘Thyme for a Mani’ Sephora by OPI ‘Meet me at the Disco’ Wet n Wild white glitter (Fast dry polish) … Continue reading

Friday Nails: That’s a wrap!

thats a wrap 2

Hey guys! This week’s nails are a classy, elegant way to do a Xmas theme. I’m bringing in chrome, purple and glitter. (There had to be glitter.) It’s inspired by some cute silver and purple striped boxes I saw this weekend. It’s also an entry in Nail Polish Canada’s Holiday theme competition. (Voting closed) You will need: A silver polish, I used Essie ‘There’s No Place Like Chrome’ A deep … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Bundlemonster layering experiment

bundlemonster layered

Hey guys. This week I decided to experiment with some different polishes with the Konad Stamper and Bundlemonster plates I reviewed last week. I’m trying to find other polish colours that work with the plates/stamper. I’ve found that it has to be on the thicker side.So I tried one of my chrome polishes that had thickened up a bit. It worked pretty well, but I chose poorly for the design! … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Go for Gold!

Hey Strangekittens. I’ve seen a LOT of Olympics nails this week. Hundreds. Thing is, they all seem to look the same. Olympic rings, country flags, woooo. So, I decided to go for a more abstract celebration – this one signifies victory.  Golden streaks with silver and bronze flecks, glittering like an Olympic medal.  You will need: A gold colour Sephora’s glitter coat in ‘212’ Dental floss. Waxed is better. Step one: 2-3 coats … Continue reading

Friday Nails: H.R Giger inspired

Hey Strangekittens. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a Giger fan. If I could, I’d have my entire home look like Giger’s works. Recently I saw Prometheus, and drooled the entire movie. My husband suggested this, so after a couple of tries, I had a go at it! Giger’s works are intricate and detailed, but as the fingernail is a very small canvas, I took some artistic liberty with it I went for the … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Silver Surfer

Hey Strangekittens. This week’s look is super easy. It’s a basic silver French tip, but totally on trend right now! You could do this either with fake nails like me, or cream nail polish, but it’s easier with the fake nails. You will need: – Plain fake nails – Chrome/silver nail polish – Sticky tape. Use cheap tape, you want it to stick but not too much (it might leave … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Rockstar Glitter Nails

Hey Strangekittens, I know I said I was gonna do a make-up tutorial but I didn’t have enough time to do it today  But, seeing as it’s Friday, i’m gonna help you look sparkly for the weekend! This is a super sparkly rocker look. Personally I LOVE glitter, but I also love a bit of darkness too. It’s really quick too! Here’s what you’ll need. Doesn’t have to be these brands, just use what … Continue reading