Friday Nails: 2013 Winter trends

Hey guys. It’s time to see the new manicure trends for winter, 2013. The main thing I’m seeing everywhere is textures. 3D textures, and some lovely ones at that. My favourite is definitely the leather-look polish from Nails Inc. You can also pick them up from Sephora, and it comes with some cute bling (studs and diamantes) Ciate is still going strong, their newest look is the sequin manicure. I like this one too, but … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Best trends from around the web

Hey Strangekittens. So this week I haven’t had time to do a proper tutorial (booo I know), but to keep you busy, I’ve put together a collection of the most gorgeous trends in nails I’ve seen this week. Caviar nails. I want to try this in black! Although, I’m a little nervous that stuff would drop off and my cat would eat it! Snakeskin nails. I’ve heard of an ACTUAL snakeskin nail, but this is a little less creepy, and … Continue reading