Eastern Spice Crusted Lamb Shoulder


Hey guys! As you know, I absolutely love eating lamb whenever I can get my hands on it. I’m from New Zealand and i’m pretty sure it’s genetic! Today’s recipe is a spicy Eastern inspired lamb shoulder. This is one of the better value cuts of lamb – It’s got the most meat for your dollar, and a good amount of bones for broth. (Or very lucky pets) As always, … Continue reading

Spicy Chipotle Chicken With Fresh Kiwi-Coconut Sauce

kiwi chicken

Hey guys! This week’s recipe is a simple way to kick up chicken a notch. Did you know kiwi fruit goes really well with chicken? Fruity freshness + animal protein is one of my favourite pairings. This time, I paired a spicy chipotle seasoned chicken with a fresh, tarty, but somehow smooth kiwi-coconut sauce. If you’ve thought of trying something new with your cooking, this is a fun place to … Continue reading

Squash & Rosemary Fritters

squash fritters

Hey guys. This recipe is a yummy snack. Originally, I had planned something fancier, but that failed, so I ended up doing this to save it, and it turned out wonderfully! This is what I used the duck fat from this recipe for! Serves 2. You will need: 1/2 medium spaghetti squash, de-seeded and roasted (like this) and shredded. Make sure you squeeze as much moisture out of it as you can! … Continue reading

Strawberry-Kiwi Freezer Pudding

strawberry-kiwi pudding

Hey guys! As you know, i’m doing two recipes a week now. This one is a sweet, slightly tart fruit pudding. It’s gluten and dairy free, and it’s a great summer snack you can make and refrigerate ahead of time. You will need: 2 heaped cups strawberries, diced 2 frozen, peeled kiwi fruit, diced 2T raw honey 1 small can coconut cream OR chill a can of coconut milk, skin … Continue reading

Rosemary Roast Duck

rosemary roast duck

Hey guys. This week, I’m doing something simple, but it’s a little work. Just a little! I’ll show you how to make a fancy lookin classic: Rosemary Roast Duck. The extra? We’re gonna use this to make stuff for another recipe, for your leftovers. Serves 2.  You will need: 1 fresh, gutted and cleaned duck 5 fresh rosemary sprigs 4T garlic butter (check out our compound butter recipe here) Salt & … Continue reading

Fiddling with Fiddleheads: Round 2


Hey guys. As some of you may know, we were temporarily hacked yesterday, and the spammers seem to have eaten my fiddleheads post! All that brilliant comedic writing, gone! *cries* Anyway, seeing as I’ve stopped the attacks, here’s the recipe, version 2. This recipe can be done anywhere – it’s great when you’re out camping. It’s super easy and fun for the kids to help with as well. You don’t necessarily need … Continue reading

Honeyed Salmon with Cashew-Ginger Sauce

cashew ginger salmon

Hey guys! Spring is here, and seafood is cheap and plentiful. This week, I whipped up a yummy cashew-ginger sauce for a fishy stirfry! Note: This sauce goes well with just about any white meat. Probably with red meat too, but I haven’t tried it yet. Serves 2, with leftovers. You will need: 2 salmon fillets (approximately 450g), sliced into strips/chunks 4 T cashew butter 2 T honey 2 t … Continue reading

Beauty Tips: Sun protection!

sunny moody park

Hey guys! It’s that time of year again (in the Northern Hemisphere) where the sun decides to come out and glare at you. As much as I appreciate the warmer weather, (I get to wear my straw hat and shorts again ) sunburn isn’t  fun. He’s a couple of my favourite products and tips to get you through the heat. Slip, Slop, Slap! I don’t know about you, but this … Continue reading

SK’s Spring BBQ Recipes

chipotle honey ribs

Hey guys! I’m a bit short on interesting food this week, so I put together a collection of my most BBQ-tastic recipes. all of these can either be prepared over a fire/BBQ, or travel well, in case of pre-made food. Chipotle Honey Beef Ribs with Crimini Mushrooms Lemon Cilantro Roast Chicken Spicy Ribs + Sautéed Onions & Potato Mash Roast Acorn Squash Bowl with Pico De Gallo Mushroom Steak Burgers w/ … Continue reading

How to fry the perfect pork chop

perfect pork chop

Hey guys! Now that BBQ season is here, it’s time to pull out the grill (or frying pan) and sear some meat. 😀 Let’s start with something basic, but it’s good to have a refresher: The perfect pork chop. Now, this is a matter of personal opinion, but this is a quick, easy and popular to do it. It can be transferred from the pan to the grill as well … Continue reading