Friday Nails: Nails Inc ‘Bling it on Rebel’ (Leather look) Review

Hey guys!   A quick review and demo of Nails Inc’s new ‘Bling it on Rebel’ leather look nail kit. I really loved this one! The leather look polish dries quick, it’s very durable too and took a couple days before i noticed any chipping. Other than that, it looks very cool, perfect rocker girl look for the weekend! It cost me about $30 at Sephora Canada. It comes with: … Continue reading

Food photography – Props

This is part 4 of my food photography tips. This week, we’re all about the props. Yes, there are props! Unless you plan on just hovering the food in mid-air…although that would be cool. Props are indeed an important aspect of food photography. It can make or break a photo in this case, because you’re generally focussing on one subject; you don’t want to distract too much. With food, obvious … Continue reading

Food Photography – Textures

Hey guys. This is part 3 of the Food Photography tips series. This week: Texture, and why it’s important! Ok, so we know that everything has a texture. Smooth, rough, wet…uhh, no more descriptive verbs or this will turn into food porn! In any case, when you have such a small ‘set’ to work with in the case of food photography, you need to highlight the right elements, or it’s … Continue reading