Friday Nails: Nails Inc ‘Bling it on Rebel’ (Leather look) Review

Hey guys!   A quick review and demo of Nails Inc’s new ‘Bling it on Rebel’ leather look nail kit. I really loved this one! The leather look polish dries quick, it’s very durable too and took a couple days before i noticed any chipping. Other than that, it looks very cool, perfect rocker girl look for the weekend! It cost me about $30 at Sephora Canada. It comes with: … Continue reading

Friday Nails: 2013 Winter trends

Hey guys. It’s time to see the new manicure trends for winter, 2013. The main thing I’m seeing everywhere is textures. 3D textures, and some lovely ones at that. My favourite is definitely the leather-look polish from Nails Inc. You can also pick them up from Sephora, and it comes with some cute bling (studs and diamantes) Ciate is still going strong, their newest look is the sequin manicure. I like this one too, but … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Bundlemonster Stamping Plates review

bundlemonster 3

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween, including our kitties on the east coast. This week’s nails are courtesy of the awesome people at Nail Polish Canada. They asked me if I wanted to try out their new stamping plates from Bundlemonster. This pack is 25 nail stamping plates, designed to work with stamping kits like Konad Nail Stamper. There’s 150 designs altogether, so plenty to play … Continue reading

Halloween nail trends 2012

Hey guys! I’m giving my poor busted nails a break, next week i’ll be posting a bunch of Halloween goodies, so stay tuned! To keep you spooked, here’s the trends i’m seeing for Halloween 2012 Long nail tips. This is a classic look for costume, it’s so not practical but it looks amazing! Blood splatter Freddie would approve. Creepies, crawlies and slithery friends. ‘Jigsaw’ manis. Designs you put together over two … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Fall trends 2012

Hey kittens! I’m giving my nails a break this week because they’re honestly a mess But never fear, Nion is here to give you the scoop on the latest trends i’ve snooped out for you. Textures Oh man, if you haven’t heard of Ciate yet, i’d like to see the rock you’re living under! We’ve seen the famous caviar manicure, then the velvet, and now, sequins! I haven’t had a chance to try them personally, but … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Born Pretty Flowers

born pretty flowers 2

Hey everyone! How’s your week been? Mine’s been crazy busy. This week I received some review samples from Born Pretty Store. They sell nail art tools and decoration, and some really cute cosmetics, too. I picked out these cute dried flowers, because it’s something I haven’t tried before, or seen around locally. You get a wheel container where you can turn the opening to the one you want to pick – way easier, and less … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Summer’s End

summers end 2

Hey guys! This week’s manicure is a blend into fall, with brown and gold. I’m gonna miss you summer! You will need: A brown colour A gold glitter Some q-tips, or a small brush Step one: 2-3 coats of the brown. Whatever it takes to reach a solid colour. Step two: Using the q-tip, dab the gold glitter haphazardly up your nail. It should kinda fade off towards the tips. If … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Upcoming Fall Trends

Hey guys, this week i’m giving my nails a well deserved break. I put together the trends i’m seeing online for the fall, so you can keep up to date! Biggest trend: Oxblood red. A deep, dark, visceral red. This comes back in every year in nails and lips, i’m not too surprised. My favourite red? Essie’s ‘Bordeaux’ I’m seeing a rise in nail stamping art and stickers, probably due … Continue reading

Monday Meow: 5 Youtube channels you should subscribe to, right meow!

Oh no, it’s Monday again! Hey Strangekittens. As a blog, I read a lot and watch a great deal of stuff to stay up to date. Here are my 5 favourite Youtube beauty channels. I’m sticking with some lesser-known, but truly awesome gurus. Promise Tamang Phan Promise does some amazing make-up transformations. She shows the insane range of what can be done with make-up in the right hands! XCLOSETOREAL Another … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Best trends from around the web

Hey Strangekittens. So this week I haven’t had time to do a proper tutorial (booo I know), but to keep you busy, I’ve put together a collection of the most gorgeous trends in nails I’ve seen this week. Caviar nails. I want to try this in black! Although, I’m a little nervous that stuff would drop off and my cat would eat it! Snakeskin nails. I’ve heard of an ACTUAL snakeskin nail, but this is a little less creepy, and … Continue reading