Friday Nails: Bow ties are cool! 11th Doctor nail look

eleventh doctor pin

I might be a little obsessed with Matt Smith’s Doctor. Maybe. Probably. Anyway, here’s a look inspired by our beloved eleventh Doctor himself. Because bow ties are cool, I paint bow ties now!   Like if you’re a proud Whovian! Products: Sephora by OPI ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’ Essie ‘Fishnet Stockings’ Essie ‘Lapiz of Luxury’ Music: “Longing for Home” by Gurdonark is licensed under a Creative Commons license: … Continue reading

Chunky roasted garlic dip

roasted garlic 1

Hey guys! Today I finally tried making roast garlic. Although it didn’t turn out how I intended, I quite liked it. It makes an excellent dip/sauce for meat or veggies! It’s pretty easy though, just a little fiddly, depending on how big your garlic is. That being said, try to use bigger bulbs. You will need: 4 garlic bulbs a knife aluminium foil Step one: Preheat the oven to 400. … Continue reading

Editing food pictures

Hey guys. This week is the final part of this series – I’m talking about photo editing. Now, one thing I will emphasis: Less is more. As a professional photographer, it’s my job to get it as perfect as humanly possible before it reaches my computer. I’d like to say that I do get it perfect, but it’s more like 95%. Food editing differs greatly from editing people pictures. Soup doesn’t really … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Halloween Scratcher

halloween scratcher 3

This week’s manicure is a scratch, messy look inspired by slime…and sparkles. Yes, really. Plus I wanted to use this Essence green 😀 Scritch scratch… You will need: Essence’s metallic green ’25’ Essence’s sparkly mauve ’19’ Some sort of fine point tool like a toothpick. A fine, dry paintbrush Nail polish remover + q-tips Step one: 2 coats of the mauve. Make sure it’s completely dry before moving on. I … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Born Pretty Flowers

born pretty flowers 2

Hey everyone! How’s your week been? Mine’s been crazy busy. 😀 This week I received some review samples from Born Pretty Store. They sell nail art tools and decoration, and some really cute cosmetics, too. I picked out these cute dried flowers, because it’s something I haven’t tried before, or seen around locally. You get a wheel container where you can turn the opening to the one you want to pick – way easier, and … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Neon Crystal

neon crystal 2

Hey Strangekittens. I’m feeling loud and happy this week! So this manicure is both loud and proud: Neon orange, pink and blue! You will need: A neon/bright orange A bright, Barbie pink 10 small, flatback crystals A fine paintbrush Step one: 2 coats of your orange. Let dry completely before the next step. Step two: Paint a rough stripe up your nail with the pink. Make sure you concentrate the … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Green with Envy

Hey guys. This week’s tutorial is inspired by all these hilarious pictures I saw of some very un-sportsmanlike behaviour. A certain gymnast was NOT happy to get second place…the term ‘green with envy’ comes to mind You will need: A green metallic colour A glossy green colour. A dotting tool of some sort – I used an old chopstick Optional: a matte coat Step one: Two coats of the metallic … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Bloodrust

Hey Strangekittens. This week, I went for something a little darker, and partially inspired by Cesare Borgia. (I want season 2 already!). Like his character, this look is dark and bloody, with a flashes of brilliance. We all know, the Borgias like their bling. You will need:   Essie’s Bordeaux/Essie’s Fishnet Stockings Essie’s Wrapped in Rubies A good topcoat, I chose to go over it with a matte, but the shine … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Paint & Feathers

Hey Strangekittens! This week’s look is a painterly, feathered look. I was wandering around the dollar store (again, lol) and this idea popped into my head when I saw some super thin brushes. It’s an oddly pretty look, but I kinda like it. I also picked up a nail dremel, so handy! What you’ll need: A base colour – I used Essie’s Beach Bum blu An accent colour – I … Continue reading

Friday Nails: Konad Stamping Nail Art review/tutorial

Hey Strangekittens. The nice people at sent me this nifty Konad nail stamping kit to try out. Everyone knows I love free stuff, (and who doesn’t) plus i’ve never tried stuff like this before. As a professionally trained artist, if I did something this detailed I usually handpainted it….carefully. I’ve seen a lot of stuff like this that are popular in Asia, but not much in stores here yet. I’m kinda in love with … Continue reading