Beef Heart & Parsnip Stew


Hey guys. Today’s recipe is quite literally a hearty beef stew. This budget cut of organ meat has a slightly bad reputation, but it really isn’t that different from other muscle meats, like flank steak. It’s very dense and nutritious with a rich beefy flavour. I paired it with some strong spices and some sweet parsnips to balance out the meaty mineral flavour. It’s also a one pot dish, super … Continue reading

Lemongrass & Pork Belly Soup with Dandelion Greens

lemongrass pork belly soup

Hey guys, this week I got my paws on some fresh lemongrass stalks, so I decided to make something Thai inspired. This is directly influenced by tom gai soup. A good helping of lemongrass, ginger and coconut. Instead of chicken, I tried pork belly, with some great results. this recipe is a one pot dish – set it and forget it for an hour, and return to a flavourful, comforting … Continue reading

Slow-cooked Tomato Pork Bones

sc pork bones

Hey guys. Today’s dish is super simple and budget friendly. Set it and forget it while you’re working; and pop out a delicious melt in your mouth meal afterwards. Pork bones are usually a budget cut, but with the right prep, it can taste like a more expensive one. The trick is to deal with all that sinew and gristle. We’re gonna use some acidic ingredients like tomato and wine … Continue reading

Bison, Carrot & Coconut Soup

bison soup

Hey guys. I was lucky enough to spot some bison stew meat on clearance at my local Thrifty Foods last week and snatched it up! I haven’t cooked bison before, so I went with something simple, and basically treated it like beef. I swear it tastes better than it looks. It’s deep, rich but not overwhelmingly so. Bison does taste like a cross between beef, with a slightly gamey flavour … Continue reading

Shiitake/Portabella Mushroom Steak Burgers w/ Cheddar & Onion

shiitake burgers

Hey guys! Being gluten free, I sometimes miss burgers. Although I can occasionally tolerate a wheat bun, If I want to stay on track, I make these awesome Shiitake/Portabella Steak burgers instead. You still get the burger craving pay off, without the sore tummy later! Makes (2) burgers. You will need: 4 shiitake or portabella mushrooms, de-stemmed. You can find them in Asian markets, they’re about palm-sized. 2 palm sized … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Beef Stew (Poverty Stew)

poverty stew

Hey guys! This is something I make on a regular basis, it works with just about any meat and veggies – I also call it ‘poverty’ stew because it’s what I make when I’m trying to make the food stretch a bit further. This makes enough for two people, and can be done with even the cheapest cuts of meat.  You will need: 2lbs raw beef roast – leave the fat on, … Continue reading

Lemon-Honey Butter Cornish Hen + Sautéed Watercress

cornish hen

Hey guys! Every once in awhile, I like to try something new. I love game meats, and when I saw these Cornish Hens on sale, I couldn’t resist. They’re basically serving sized. This recipe is a simple honey-lemon glaze, with a nice herby dill flavour. This recipe is for two people, so just double it for every pair you’re serving. You will need: Glaze – 2 Cornish hens, gutted 1/4 … Continue reading

Drunken Chicken Stew

drunken chicken

Hey guys! I’m slowly getting back into it after the NY break. Ready to rock? 😀 This recipe is easy as pie – it’s also designed to use up whatever random booze you have leftover from NYE. Slowly simmered in a crock pot over 6 hrs, you get just a hint of the wine, and a nice rich, garlicky, brothy chicken stew. You will need: 2lbs chicken thighs 2 heads … Continue reading

I’m an Atheist and I like Xmas

Derpcat likes to party.

Hey guys! Today, I want to talk about *gasp* Xmas. Now, as you all know, Xmas is apparently some Christian thing that they seem to think they have dibs on, or something. So, as a rather vocal Atheist I get crap about celebrating Xmas with my (also) non-religious friends. Let me explain why ‘Christmas’ never really started with Christ. Really, it’s a mish-mash of pagan and other traditions they’ve picked up … Continue reading

One Pot Chunky Chilli

one pot chilli

Hey guys! It’s been miserably cold and rainy this week. This chilli will warm you right down to your bones with a nice health dose of spice. It’s also super easy! You will need: 2lbs cubed beef or other red meat (don’t trim the fat) 1 small can tomato paste 2 white onions, quartered 1 bulb garlic, crushed into paste 1/2-1 cup red wine (I used Jackson Triggs Merlot) 1/2 … Continue reading