The Lighten the F**k up List: Pt 2

Hey Strangekittens,

Some days suck, and you can’t do much about that, but while the world throws stuff at you, use it.

Use it to develop and improve yourself! So this list is about stuff you can learn, that will improve your life.

 1. Draw. Even if you suck at drawing. People always go nuts over my art, but it didn’t get there overnight. I practised. A lot. Pick up a pencil, pen, or hell, anything that makes a mark and start scratching. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll get into it.

This is Derpcat. He found pills and ate them.

Don’t worry about the quality, you’ll improve. It’s pretty relaxing 🙂

2. Cook. Maybe try one of the recipes in the Wednesday Noms section. I guarantee they’re all easy, because I’m so lazy it’s efficient 🙂

 3. Read. I’m not talking about dregs like Twilight. Read a book on something you’ve always been curious about. It’s amazing how much you can pick up, especially when you’re interested in the subject.

4. Write. I’m not gonna be like ‘write your feeeeelings’ or shit like that. Although it can be beneficial for some, I’m talking about writing stories. specifically, write down whatever story comes out of your brain. You can come up with some really funny stuff. Want to smack someone senseless? Write a story about it. Uh, don’t use the same names though. Or follow through with anything illegal, mmkay? Be a good kitty.

5. Get outside. Sometimes, I just go wander around the park near my building. It’s nice just to be around trees and nature; plus the air is cleaner around trees too. It’s revitalizing. I’m totally not a hippy, I swear. Ok, maybe just a bit. More like, a nature nerd, though. 🙂

6. Play with your hair. Learn a new look. I spend a lot of time on a site called Beautylish. It’s free to join, and has thousands of pictures, video tutorials and articles about beauty and fashion. Youtube is always great for this too. On that note..

7. Put on your favourite outfit, the one you know makes you look killer, and go strut around the park. Or the mall. You might be overdressed, but it sure does remind you that you’re a gorgeous, confident person!

 8. Crank up some tunes, and dance. Self explanatory really. Close the curtains if you’re shy 🙂

9. Grow something. Plant a seed, even if it’s a tiny herb plant, and nurse it everyday. I have some herb pots on the window, it’s awesome seeing them change day by day. The basil one is quickly outgrowing the container! Plus then you can use them in #2. 🙂

10. Take a nice, hot bath if it’s winter. After all, you’re gonna be filthy after this list. Is it summer? Fuck it, go to the beach! No beach? Got a town pool? No? Where the hell do you live? You should move somewhere with a pool, seriously.

It’s nearly Friday. You can do it!


Lighten the F**k Up List, pt 1

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