This isn’t even my final form: On personal growth

Hey Strangekittens.

I saw something on Facebook this morning: Someone was asking what it was that made you change your life for the better. They were talking health-wise, but it got me thinking about other parts of my life.

The last 2yrs have been such a growth period for me.  At the start of last year, after months of thinking about it, I decided to shift my focus to stuff that would help me and my family more.

My reasons were as follows:

I didn’t have any passion for photography any more. It wasn’t photography itself, it was the people I was working with. I love photography, it’s been a great creative outlet for me. But it wasn’t satisfying any more. Horrible people were sucking all the life out of it.

Those horrible people were another reason. I came to the realisation than a lot of them were pretty much mistaking my kindness for weakness and using me for my skills/talents; I took care of that by just ceasing contact with them. Yup, some of them got dramatic about it too. Very dramatic. But, I got through it.

Another one was finally cutting off any contact with my family. In summary, they are for the most part, abusive and manipulative. My husband told me every time they contacted me, I was a different person. I was stressed all the time; and I didn’t want to inflict that on my husband and friends. Since then, although they do still try to contact me and manipulate me, I have most of the control now.

The last thing, was I wanted to use the talents I do have to help other women. I grew up in a very patriarchal environment. It pissed me off. The only thing I was given credit for was being pretty. And when I refused to just be that, I got my ass beat.

I’m also hilarious, smart, skilled and lots of other things. You buttwads.

I want to show other women that you can do what you want to in life. You want to be a fighter pilot? Fuck yeah, aim for the wild blue yonder. You want to be a stay at home momma? Go for gold girl!

I want to teach skills. Skills that will help make your life easier, and skills that will equip and inspire you.

Personally, i’ll keep researching and writing and creating, all for the world.

What will you do to change your life? Or have you done it already? Share it in the comments!


– Dannielle

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