True friends are like diamonds.

Hey guys. Over the long weekend, I helped a friend of mine move. Afterwards, I was thinking of a conversation we had earlier about real friends.

Real friends pick you up when you can’t walk on your own.

How do you know who your real friends are? Well, I’d like to explain it this way:

Good friends are like stars, you can’t always see them, but they’re always there. (Can’t find a source for this quote. Anyone know?). Your real friends are there when you need them; even when it’s not fun, or beneficial to them. They’re just there, because they care. It doesn’t matter what they’re there to do, it’s you that’s important!

I’ve never felt too bad about letting go of fake friends. They usually arrived in fakery, and leave having revealed their real face (or faces in some cases.) I always learn from them though, good or bad. They walked into my life, used me, and when I pointed that out, they disappeared, or I dropped them. Some of them had the nerve to make drama about it; but that’s their childish way.

I learned that people who badmouth others in front of you, will do the same to you behind your back.

I learned that real friends are always there to pick me up, even if it’s inconvenient to them,  and I’d do the same for them.

I learned that fake friends are only there when you’re doing well – because they want to leech off it. When things get hard, they evaporate like water.

Have you ever learned anything from your experiences with real and fake friends? Comment below.




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