Paleo Rhu-berry Pie.

Why pie? For the glory of Satan, of course. I had some frozen Rhubarb and dried blueberries in the freezer and it needs to go! By the way, this recipe contains nuts. (Stop laughing Beavis) Delicious, silky white almond nuts.

You will need…

For ze almond crust:

  • About 4 cups Almond flour. This is ground up blanched almonds, you can do this in your food processor. Some places sell it in their bulk bins.
  • 1/4 cup REAL Maple syrup, not that corn syrup crap
  • 2 large eggs, because we want this nutty mess to hold together
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour. You can usually find this in the ‘organic’ section of bigger supermarkets.
  • A pinch of rock salt.
  • 2Tsp of Coconut oil. Found at good supermarkets in the organic section.

For the filling:

  • 2 cups of a good organic red wine. You can also just use water too, though.
  • 4 large cups of diced rhubarb. Just the stalks, the leaves are poison you nit
  • 1 cup dried or fresh blueberries
  • Splash of maple syrup
  • 1 pkt Gelatin

Step one:

Find a big pot. Dump your rhubarb and berries in there, cover in the wine, plus water (just make sure that it’s submerged. Add the maple syrup, and keep it on a simmering boil until the rhubarb has broken up a bit. It should be stringy like this:

After it’s all nice and soft, add the gelatin and stir.

Step two:

Drain that shiz. Retain about 1cup of liquid for the filling; don’t press any liquid out, I just literally dumped it on the sieve and then into a bowl. Stick it in the fridge while you do the crust.

Step three:

Preheat your oven to 325. Dump all the crust ingredients in a bowl, stir with a fork until it’s clumpy and stuck together like this:

Then you want to press it into a greased pie tin like this.

Use a wooden spoon to get the general mass spread out; then use your fingers. Get sticky, aww yeah! Put it in the oven for like…20mins. Check on it every 5-7 mins though, ovens vary and almond burns easy. You want it just browned on the edges and rising in the middle. It shouldn’t be sticky looking either.

So, the middle does rise. What you wanna do is GENTLY push it back down with something wide and soft, like an oven mitt. Be careful or you’ll crack it.

Set it somewhere to cool. When it’s so cool it’s wearing Ray-Bans, you can pour in the filling, and set it in the fridge to set.

Can be served cold or warm. I like to serve it with some coconut cream.

You can use the same crust recipe for cheesecake too! I might try it later.

Enjoy. It’s nearly Friday!











Friday Nails: Lannister Lions

Hey Strangekittens. This week’s tutorial is dedicated to two of my favourite Game of Thrones characters – Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Yes, I actually like Cersei. Read the books!

Anyway, it’s a bronzed, metallic red and gold gradient that’s really flashy. I LOVE the base colour I used for this; it’s ‘Wrapped in Rubies’ by Essie.

Gold for the Lannister lion, and red for all the bloodshed…

You will need:

Lannister Lions

– Essie: Wrapped in Rubies. It’s a bronzed red colour

– Some sort of gold polish. I used Wet N’ Wild. The colour name rubbed off, sorry haha!

– A squishy make-up  wedge sponge. Super cheap for a bag from Walmart.

Step one:

2 coats of the red.

Lannister Lions 2

This stuff looks amazing in person and on camera.

Step two:

Find your sponge. Paint a small amount of the gold (basically as much as is on the brush over one end like this:

Lannister Lions 3

and stipple that on the tips of your nails, and work down to about halfway. Be gentle.

If you overdid it, paint some of the red over the top of that same bit of the sponge, and carefully stipple it over the bits you want blended better.

You should end up with something like this after a nice topcoat:

Lannister Lions 4

ZOMG! Cool as hell, and I can totally see Cersei wearing this.

Have a great weekend kittens!



Spicy Chicken & Yam Wok Salad with Cabbage Noodles

Hey Strangekittens! I hope you’re liking the new site’s look. It’s oodles more functional and much smoother. This week’s recipe is a bit more time consuming, but it’s so yummy! It took me about 45mins.

Serves 2.

You will need:

  • 6 chicken thighs, skin on
  •  1 large yam (get a long one, it’ll make it easier)
  •  Half a cabbage, cut into ribbons
  •  2 big handfuls of baby spinach
  •  Seasoning: Garlic powder, onion powder, rock salt and pepper
  • Condiments: Sriracha sauce, sesame oil (optional), organic maple syrup (or raw unfiltered honey, I usually use that but I don’t have any left)

1. Preheat the oven to 425.

2. Whip out that raw chicken onto a buttered roasting/sheet pan. Don’t like butter? Screw you, butter is awesome. Season it with the garlic and onion powder, salt, and pepper.

Squirt a little bit of Sririracha sauce on there. Just a dab, we want to thinly coat it, not drown it. That stuff is spicy. Next, you wanna drop a dime sized amount of either melted honey or maple syrup on each piece of chicken. Using a basting brush (or your fingers, you dirty animal) and make sure the seasoning and sauce evenly coats the chicken.

chicken prep

Stick that stuff in the oven on the middle rack. Mine only has two racks, so the top one in my case, lol! Should take about 45mins if they’re frozen like mine.  Start heating a wok with some butter.

butter wok

3. While the chicken is cooking, peel the yam. Slice it into really thin, long strips. Be careful, we don’t want extra blood flavour. I used a potato peeler, but you could use a mandolin slicer. You can do it with a knife but it’ll take forever, seriously. I make them about 1cm wide. Stick them in a heated wok with some melted butter, on medium high.

yam strips

4. Boring part over. If you haven’t already, slice the cabbage into ribbons. You do this by laying it on it’s side and slicing from the top like this:

cabbage slicing

Throw that in the pan with the yam, and the spinach. Give it a good splash of sesame oil, and some pepper and garlic powder. start tossing it around with a pair of silicone tipped tongs, or a wooden spoon.


Make sure everything is evenly coated with butter, oil and seasoning. This won’t take long…maybe ten minutes. I like to steam it a bit by turning down the heat and putting the lid on for a couple minutes. If you like your veggies a little firmer then skip that and keep tossing. You’ll know it’s done when the yam starts breaking apart.

Serve with the chicken on top (awww yeah)

chicken yam wok salad

Yum yum! Enjoy. If you want it spicier, use more Sriracha.



Monday Meow: Eyeliner

Hey Strangekittens. Today’s links are all about the major eyeliner trend and how you can use it!

5 Tricks to apply eyeliner right every time It took me ages to get liquid liner right! Seriously, I only mastered it at age 24…/facepalm

Bright eyeliner tutorial. I’ve been itching to break out some purple eyeliner, what about you?

Stencil your liner. If you’re just starting out and still a bit wobbly, this could help.

Not eyeliner, but I know you probably got sunburned this weekend! DIY Sun Soothers





Monday Meow: Earth Day Link Roundup

Hey Strangekittens! Did you have a good Earth Day weekend? Mine was pretty chill. I played WAY too much TERA Online though!

Yesterday was Earth Day, so I thought i’d pick up some earthy-links to share this week.

Nail Art With Real Leaves (And other ideas) This is a pretty cool idea. You’d have to find something that wouldn’t wilt when you stuck it on/used a topcoat, though. Or maybe that would look cool? Who knows, I might try it.

10 Eco-friendly Fashion Brands  ‘Nuff said. Gotta have more natural brands around.

Nick Knight Kitten and Couture Photoshoot  Sorry dude, I’m so stealing this idea.

10 Uses of Google Earth That Have Made Positive Impacts on the World These are all such amazing ideas.




Bleaching your hair without wrecking it

Hi Strangekittens! It’s time to talk hair. I mentioned on FB how i’m bleaching my hair twice. Below i’ll tell you how i do this without my hair turning into cotton candy!

Kids, don’t try this at home. Really. Ask your mom to help if you’re really keen on it. I don’t want angry parent emails 😛

I see a lot of ladies try to bleach their hair and wreck it. As a long time hair dying addict, I’ve learnt the best ways to do it without wrecking my hair. I am NOT a hairdresser; this is just through personal trial and error, and research.

1. Is your hair currently healthy? If it’s shiny and strong, carry on. If it’s rough and dry, stop right there! Bring your hair back to good health before you bleach. Give it a break if you want to keep it. A healthy diet with plenty of animal protein and saturated fats loves on your hair like nothing else! The Paleo lifestyle has done wonders for my hair, personally.

It’s well known that bleach does do some damage to your hair. That can’t be avoided. But we can mitigate the damage and not end up with clumps falling out.

2. Ok, so assuming your hair is decently healthy. First thing I do, and yes this is a little gross, is not wash my hair for about 4 days. Yes, it makes it greasy, but that’s the point! You want the natural protection to your scalp and hair that hair grease provides. Meanwhile…learn about ballerina buns 😛 Because you’re gonna want your hair tied back while it’s looking yuck!

My hair gets greasy pretty quick, yours may not. Don’t worry about it too much; you just want a little bit.

3. Next, with your greasy hair suitably disguised (or do this before and become a hermit for days, lol), go find some good quality hair bleach. Now, if you’ve bleached your hair before, you will have noticed that there’s labels saying 20/30/40% vol on the kits. This is the strength of the developer, basically. 20% being the lowest, 40 being the highest.  You could go for 40% but it’s incredibly strong, and will most definitely wreck you hair if you don’t know what you’re doing. I personally stick with the 30%. It’s strong enough for most people; depending on if you have natural, un-dyed hair, or permanent dye in it. This time I’m bleaching mine twice, because I had blue-black in it, and it’s super resistant!

You may also want to pick up a protein mask for the next step. I can highly recommend Nioxin’s repair masks, they’re pricey but very worth it. Although, if you go to a beauty supply store, they have the smaller tubes for under $10. But anything should help; Pantene makes some nice ones too. LiveClean makes a great Argan Oil conditioning treatment too.

I have used many brands, and most are pretty similar. These days I use Jerome Russell (the brand that makes Punky colours). I’ve also used Manic Panic, and found that they were pretty decent, but ohgawdwhy stay away from the 40% vol. There’s a few good drug store brands, the easiest one to find is a lightening kit called Blondissima, it’s actually pretty strong!

Note: If you’re planning on going white blonde, or silver like me, buy some purple toner. Or silver toner. You can use this as colour corrector after to take the yellow out of your hair.

4. Ok, next! Once you have you hot little paws on some bleach and developer (and gloves, and a plastic mixing bowl. DON’T USE METAL! Bleach reacts badly with metal), we’re gonna prepare you hair for the ordeal you’re about to put it through. You’ll also want a plastic comb.

First, use whatever mask you bought. I generally leave it in twice as long as the pack says; but this is more to make sure it’s soaked into my jungle-thick hair.

Rinse, dry. Be gentle drying your hair. I air dry it after gently squeezing out excess water. You don’t want to rough things up before you’re started, you’ll undo all your good work!

Find an old white shirt to wear. Bleach is gonna bleach.

5. When it’s COMPLETELY dry, get your latex gloves on and start mixin’! If you bought a kit, it will have instructions. If you bought a separate bleach pack and developer like I did, they should still have instructions on them. I basically mix by eye at this point; a good rule is that the mix should not be very grainy, and it should be paste like. Most bleach is white, some have toner in them, it might be bluish or light purple. This just means your hair won’t come out as yellow. Use a plastic spoon, or the provided brush that came with your kit.

Be gentle with the powder. Do not inhale this stuff, it’s toxic! The Jerome Russell one is not as messy as most, and doesn’t tend to fly around.

Once you have this mixed, make sure you’re doing this in a ventilated area, with a mirror. If you have exhaust fans in your bathroom, it’s good to turn those on now 🙂

6. Working quickly, and from the ends up, distribute and coat your hair evenly. Combing it through helps, but only comb it once, or you’ll take out more than you want.

Personally, I section my hair up to make this easier to get to the back sections. Everything from the ears up gets twisted up in a plastic clip, and I work from the nape of the neck upwards, taking down sections as I go. This bit is pretty self explanatory. You want your hair coated but not drippy. Also, don’t rub it into your scalp! It will burn your skin.  When you’re good, twist it into a bun or roll, and clip it out of the way. You can use a plastic dye cap too, to help it along. Personally, I just use a plastic grocery bag and tie it at the back, because generally I always forget to pick up a cap, lol!

7. Once you’re got this done, you’ll want to clean up a bit. Fetch a damp cloth or paper towel and wipe off any bleach that’s got on your skin. Don’t forget your ears. This stuff burns like a bitch if you leave it on!

8. And now, we find something to do. I usually surf the internet a bit, or so some housework.

Your brand of bleach should have some timer guidelines on it; I’ve found i have to leave mine on for up to 2hrs. But don’t do this if you’re not sure. Check your hair every 10mins or so to see what colour it is. Yes, at some point it may be orange (if you’re going from dark hair). In that case, it’s not quite done yet. You want to get as close to yellow as you can get. But don’t leave it on more than 90mins! I do two hours because I know what I’m doing, and my hair is VERY thick.

9. When your time is up, rise it out gently and condition your hair heavily in the shower. This is a good time to use your hair mask again! You want to help your hair recover.

10. Let it air dry like before, and if you’re happy with how it looks, then WOOOT! Mission accomplished. If you want less yellow, use the toner you bought.

If it’s too dark still, you’ll have to repeat the process from step 4. But wait at least a day for your hair to recover and take to some of that nourishing mask you got!

Better still, give it a week. MY hair can take it. Like I have mentioned, it’s super thick and resistant as steel wire. Yours probably isn’t, so give it a break. Bleaching is harsh on your hair.

After doing this, you’re going to want to baby your hair for a couple weeks. No heat treatments (straightening, curling etc). If you absolutely HAVE to, use a good quality heat protectant.

So, hopefully you did this right, and your hair hasn’t fallen out. I have done this dozens of times and never wrecked my hair. Now go dye 😛




Gung Hei Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Wishing you all the best of wealth and prosperity.

It’s the Year of the Dragon in 2012.  I was born in the year of the Tiger, (MEOW!) which were you born in?

– Dannielle