Food photography – Props

This is part 4 of my food photography tips. This week, we’re all about the props. Yes, there are props! Unless you plan on just hovering the food in mid-air…although that would be cool.

Props are indeed an important aspect of food photography. It can make or break a photo in this case, because you’re generally focussing on one subject; you don’t want to distract too much.

With food, obvious that’s the centre of your focus – food can’t pose, of make facial expressions. Generally 🙂 There’s not much to say on this – but keep it simple.

Make sure any prop you use – bowls, plates, cutlery, etc – make sure it’s relevant, and that it’s really helping the composition or photo. If not, simpler is better.

Plates/crockery – Keep is simple, stupid. Notice how most food in restaurants in served on white plates? (with the exception of ethnic-specific situations, like sushi) It’s because it’s less distracting, and adds the design element of ‘white space’ to the visual composition of your food. With no distractions, the entire focus is on the food, and gives it an air of desirability. It’s the whole reason we frame paintings, or put statues on pedestals – to focus your attention on something special.

So, while I can’t tell you exactly what to use, I will only say this: Keep it simple.

On another note, what do you have planned for Halloween noms?

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