Halloween friendly Paleo

Hey guys! for this spooky week, I’ve put together some of my most Halloween friendly recipes, along with tips to up the creep factor! (Pics are of the original recipes)


Nori Steak Wrap into Bloody Finger Wrap

nori wrap 5

Make a gooey, bloody BBQ sauce, and use beef cut into finger shapes. Add slivered onions for ‘fingernail clippings’


Rhu-berry Pie into BOO-berry Pie (yeah I’m lame ok)

Flip this recipe upside down: Instead of doing a crust, make it a ‘cracked earth’ crumble, add half as much gelatin for a runny sauce that seeps through the cracks, like blood from the telltale heart. MWAHAHA!


Red Bird Pile Chicken into Vampire Repellent

Go heavy on the garlic.   Cut the chicken breast into strips, serve crucifix-style.

These are just a few ideas, what are you cooking for your Halloween?


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