Nori Steak Wrap

Today’s recipe is just a quick snack wrap. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m Paleo and this means no grains. (Plus LOL gluten intolerance)

This is a great, healthy snack for when you want a wrap or a sandwich. You can put anything you want in it, this is just an example. 🙂 Although, if you hate sushi or seaweed taste, it’s not for you, haha!

Nion’s Nori Steak Wraps

You will need:

  • 2 Nori sheets. Find these in the import section of your supermarket, or like an entire aisle if you’re lucky enough to live near an Asian supermarket.
  • Thinly sliced raw beef (about 5mm thick)- I used Rouladen cut, but you can use normal sliced beef, just use a couple more slices.
  • 4 small bunches of leafy greens – I used Shanghai Bok Choy. Tastes like spinach, lol.
  • Sliced button mushrooms, or whatever kind you want. Shiitake would work well in long thin slices.
  • Butter. BUTTAAAAH! Or ghee, i’m not judging. Much.

Step one:

Fry the beef slices. In glorious puddles of buttah! Make sure you season them with some salt and pepper though.

nori wrap 1

It only takes a minute on each side. Put aside on a plate.

Step two:

Fry dem mushrooms! In butter, of course.

nori wrap 2

Step three:

Sauté the bok choy. GUESS WHAT WE’RE USING FOR THIS.

nori wrap 3

I keep the stalks on while cooking, because well shit, it’s easy to turn them over and stuff. After you have cooked them, cut the thick stalk off if you want to be cool like me.

Step four:

We’re gonna assemble stuff now. Order doesn’t matter, but putting the beef down first will make eating and rolling it easier. If you wanna be a rebel and do it backwards, then well, we got a badass over here!

nori wrap 4

I now know that nori is hella reflective.

Step five:

Roll that ish up. tuck one end of the beef over before you start; it’s damn near impossible to take a picture while simultaneously rolling this as it requires two hands. But you’ll figure it out I’m sure. If you cannot, I posit that you should be supervised around heated objects.

And honestly, you can roll it however you like! I did it like a burrito, and folded up one end before rollin’.

Tip: Seal the roll by running a wet finger (or brush, what do I care) along the underside edge to kinda paste it together.

You’ll end up with something like this:

nori wrap 5

Next time, I may use more greens. And possibly more meat.



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