You can make chips out of anything

Hey guys. Quick info post. Did you know you can make thin-cut chips out of just about anything?

Except maybe watermelon…don’t ask.

I’ve been thinking about this since my friend told me about baking kale chips.

Basic formula:

Find a relatively firm fruit or veggie. Slice thinly (in the case of leafies, just make sure it’s one leaf instead of one slice).

Lay on lightly greased cookie tray. Bake for…however long it needs to be to your level of ‘done’ at about 400.

Tah-dah! Custom chippies.

Awesome combos:

Green apple + coconut oil

Kale + sea salt

Yam + paprika

Yam + Chinese House spice (pepper blend)

Eggplant + pepper

Have fun, try out some combos. If you find something om nom nom, comment below so the rest of us can try!


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