Whole 30 – Week 1 Food Diary

As of Feb 15th, I started my first Whole 30 round, so here’s my week 1 food diary. I was originally gonna start on the 14th, and did eat clean but didn’t log it. So let’s go with the 15th.

I logged everything in Cronometer, an awesome Paleo (and keto) friendly food diary site. They didn’t pay me to say that, i’m just a happy customer! You can set custom macros or choose from several presets – I have mine set on Paleo right now.

So, even though I usually eat a fair bit of veggies, I was definitely eating more on this plan. TMI: So gassy, XD. Probably from the increased fibre! I did feel a little weak, but this is more due to my own health issues that I need to be careful of.

Day 1.

I miss cheese already! I tend to snack on it, and i’m already annoyed at myself for the deprivation 😛 But I’ll get over it.  We went out for grocery shopping and to a local restaurant called Cactus Club.

Breakfast: Eggs. Fried, with lamb Merguez sausage.eggs and lamb merguez

Lunch: I skipped lunch. Bad Strangekitty! To be fair, I was busy and not hungry until later.

Dinner: Beef carpaccio.  Pineapple braised beef short ribs with potatoes and snap peas.

Snacks: Almond milk, a banana and some red globe grapes.

Day 2.

Breakfast: Banana and some grapes. Chai with almond milk. Wasn’t feeling super hungry.

leftover bologneseLunch: Leftover bolognese sauce with an egg simmered in it.

Dinner: Madras curry with lemongrass, lamb sausage, mushrooms, coconut milk, onions and sweet potato, click for recipe!

Snacks: Banana chips, grape tomatoes.


Day 3.

12705528_10156589976915192_773595702152038906_n[1]Breakfast: Veggie/fruit bowl. Sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and red globe grapes. Chai with almond milk.

Lunch: Lamb curry leftovers, recipe here

Dinner: Bolognese sauce and fried egg.

Snacks: Cashews


Day 4

Breakfast: Chai with almond milk, and fried eggs. On that note, did you know you can get coconut oil spray? Very handy in the kitchen!

Lunch: Larabar, and fruit juice. Was busy today.

Dinner: Roasted chicken thighs, and mashed sweet potato. 

Snacks: Banana chips

Day 5:

w30 lamb curryBreakfast: Chia/coconut milk/blueberry smoothie. Found out my tummy does NOT like chia seeds.

Lunch:  Veggie bowl with chicken thighs.

Dinner: More curry, haha. I was trying to use up the sausages I bought!

Snacks: Banana chips, dried rhubarb.

Day 6

Breakfast: Skipped breakfast. Had some chai with almond milk though 🙂

Lunch: Egg omelette with tomato

Dinner: Salmon sashimi.

Snacks: Cashews

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