Why we should all have personal projects

Hey Strangekittens,

This morning I read an excellent piece on the importance of personal projects on my friends blog, Rookie Designer. (Jake Van Ness & Kitty Florido, both some of the best graphic designers I know and some VERY motivated sorts)

He explained how having personal pet projects to do is important as a designer; I think, as any sort of artist too. It keeps your skills sharp, for one.

But for me, I think it’s more than that – it’s more motivating, because it’s more fun than working for another person. I’m personally a loner type, I do enjoy working with some people, but in the end, I prefer to be the boss! I’m not actually a bossy type, i’m not even that sociable. I just like being able to lead where the project is going, and be proud of the outcome.

On that note, here are my own reasons for doing pet projects:

– Fun. Girls just wanna have f-uuun.

– To learn new techniques and skills. I may sound like I know what I’m talking about but sometimes I’m as new to it as you!

– Leadership/management skills. You may not always be working by yourself. I may be the ‘frontwoman’ for Strangekitty.ca but theweejenny works hard behind the scenes to make sure I don’t break anything! She’s also taught me so much that I wouldn’t have the patience to learn all by myself.  You can learn a lot from others. And i’m learning how to manage people, inventory, etc. Time, too.

– Networking. Try new things, and you’ll eventually meet new people, even if it’s just online. I’ve made connections I would have never seen if i only stuck to photography.

Strangekitty is huge project for me, and the fashion design is my pet project. I’m one of those girls that was making paper dolls constantly, and I would sew outfits for my Barbies, even though I really didn’t like Barbie that much. She did make a useful mannequin though!

I’ve been wanting to do blogging on all the stuff that interests me and I love learning new things, and when I do, I want to share it with y’all!

Anyway, that’s my two cents on the subject. Do you have a pet project? Even a small one. I wanna know! You can inspire others just by sharing.

Also, check out Jake and & Kitty’s other projects, they’re very busy.


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  • Dannielle,

    Thanks for stopping by Rookie Designer and reading my post. Also thank you for the kind words in your post. Great set of reasons for why you work on pet projects and congrats on the launch of your big pet project, StrangeKitty.


    • nionvox

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the inspirational post 🙂