Why we should all have personal projects

Hey Strangekittens,

This morning I read an excellent piece on the importance of personal projects on my friends blog, Rookie Designer. (Jake Van Ness & Kitty Florido, both some of the best graphic designers I know and some VERY motivated sorts)

He explained how having personal pet projects to do is important as a designer; I think, as any sort of artist too. It keeps your skills sharp, for one.

But for me, I think it’s more than that – it’s more motivating, because it’s more fun than working for another person. I’m personally a loner type, I do enjoy working with some people, but in the end, I prefer to be the boss! I’m not actually a bossy type, i’m not even that sociable. I just like being able to lead where the project is going, and be proud of the outcome.

On that note, here are my own reasons for doing pet projects:

– Fun. Girls just wanna have f-uuun.

– To learn new techniques and skills. I may sound like I know what I’m talking about but sometimes I’m as new to it as you!

– Leadership/management skills. You may not always be working by yourself. I may be the ‘frontwoman’ for Strangekitty.ca but theweejenny works hard behind the scenes to make sure I don’t break anything! She’s also taught me so much that I wouldn’t have the patience to learn all by myself.  You can learn a lot from others. And i’m learning how to manage people, inventory, etc. Time, too.

– Networking. Try new things, and you’ll eventually meet new people, even if it’s just online. I’ve made connections I would have never seen if i only stuck to photography.

Strangekitty is huge project for me, and the fashion design is my pet project. I’m one of those girls that was making paper dolls constantly, and I would sew outfits for my Barbies, even though I really didn’t like Barbie that much. She did make a useful mannequin though!

I’ve been wanting to do blogging on all the stuff that interests me and I love learning new things, and when I do, I want to share it with y’all!

Anyway, that’s my two cents on the subject. Do you have a pet project? Even a small one. I wanna know! You can inspire others just by sharing.

Also, check out Jake and & Kitty’s other projects, they’re very busy.


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